For people and their planet.

It has been our mission to build new spaces that are efficient, long lasting and environmentally responsible. Not only are we working on things such as green construction, planet-friendly products and overall carbon emission reduction, but also the sustainability of the space as a whole, and its ability to serve the community for many years to come.

Enhancing our success:

Gerald R. Ford International Airport is consistently recognized as one of the best airports in North America and deeply values its place in this community, with the health and safety of those who use the airport paramount to our service priority.

With the expansion of Concourse A, the building performance of the Airport targets a 70% energy reduction goal. This will ensure energy and economic savings to the airport for years to come.

70% energy reduction goal for the expansion of Concourse A. Consistently recognized as one of the best airports in North America.
Displacement air conditioning system.

Airing out the details:

We focused on enhancing passenger comfort by using distribution air to supply conditioned air near the floor throughout the building and using the air’s natural buoyancy to minimize the use of fans. Additionally, the north-facing glass brings light to the center of the concourse, reducing the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours.

A radiant hydronic floor system will deliver heat around the perimeter of the building where our hold rooms are located during the coldest months of the year optimizing the building’s performance for a cold climate.

Measured performance:

A new central utility plant will be constructed to serve the Airport and any additional spaces, equipping us to better measure the energy efficiency gains and savings from a central location.

Optimized building performance for a cold climate.

of removed Apron concrete, asphalt and aggregate is being reused at the airport or recycled.

All new steel is made in the USA and contains 94-98% recycled steel content.

of removed and salvaged steel, precast concrete, and masonry is being recycled and repurposed.

Terrazzo flooring:

Features recycled aggregate (glass, marble, granite, plastic chips), 0 VOC content, and GREENGUARD GOLD Certification.